Hobson Health Recruitment are humbled to be seen as an industry expert in health recruitment across Australia. 

Posted on: July 22nd, 2019 by Hobson HR

A quick message from our Director

“Humbled once again to have had this opportunity to comment of our growing healthcare industry here in Australia.

For people that know me, I’m really passionate about healthcare and I tremendously value the opportunity to be invited to comment on health, emerging health industry trends and the future of healthcare recruitment here in Australia.

Special mention to Susan Muldowney and Seek (health article below)

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Healthcare & Medical

Health expenditure per person is projected to more than double over the next 40 years as Australia’s ageing population continues to place significant demands on the nation’s healthcare system.

The healthcare and medical industry was among the fastest growing industries on SEEK in 2017 with job ads rising by 11.1%. While every state and territory recorded growth, this was primarily driven by Victoria (4.2%), Queensland (2.3%) and New South Wales (2.1%).

Aged-Care Nursing was among the fastest growing roles within the industry with job ads rising by 1.6%.

“The aging population is having a huge impact on the healthcare system,” says Dan Hobson, Director of Hobson Health Recruitment. “It’s not only aged-care facilities that are experiencing growth. More people are choosing to age at home and this means they are accessing community healthcare.”

Hobson adds that as people are living longer, they are more focused on living well. This may be contributing to growing demand for ancillary health services, such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy and rehabilitation, which saw a 2.1% growth in opportunities last year.

Psychology, counselling and social work also experienced growth, with job ads rising 1.9%.

“When it comes to mental health, society is continuing to evolve and the stigma is shifting, so people are more willing to speak about it and seek help,” says Hobson.

With growing demand for healthcare and medical professionals, Hobson says employers must promote a positive culture to attract and retain talent.

“Healthcare is an extremely demanding profession, so employees look for a positive culture where they feel valued and supported.”

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